Sunday, June 24, 2012

Smoke in the Valley - Green Lane, PA

I look forward to this competition every year, it is becoming a favorite to BBQ competitors in the region. That is all because of the great detail taken by the Green Lane Volunteer Fire Department, especially the work of Shawn Tucker, to make it the best!

This year's competition featured a People's Choice rib category, sponsored by Hatfield Meats, on Friday night. Participating teams would cook up ribs to be served to public, who will be picking their favorite. I enjoyed this event... well... too much! I went through all the ribs I cooked along with a bottle of Buffalo Trace, most of a bottle of Jager and a good amount of Patron Coffee Tequila. We did manage to get 3rd place in the People's Choice... but with great consequence.

I don't have much to say about the rest of the competition, and actually don't remember much of Friday night. There are stories, pictures and even a video of Friday night out there... This was a "what not to do at a BBQ competition" weekend for me. Very disappointed... no KCBS calls... not a surprise! I'll have to redeem myself next year.


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