Saturday, December 18, 2010

Summer’s in the rearview…

2010 competition season is in the books. Competing on the KCBS circuit has its ups and downs… this year was on the down side as far as awards go for Blind Pig BBQ. We only captured 3 calls, 2nd place brisket in Mount Holly, NJ, 6th ribs in Harrisburg, PA and 4th place ribs at Blue Mountain Rock’n Rib Fest, PA. The up side of this year was being recorded and interviewed in Green Lane, PA during the Smoke in the Valley competition for a segment shown on 6 ABC’s FYI Philly, followed by a live appearance on their special 4th of July show on the parkway in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum. I definitely enjoyed my 15 minutes of fame!

Thanks to my cousin Steve, my brother Jeff and to newest team member Marie Moody for all their help this season. Big thanks also go out to those who supported us especially Ken Nowicki and his boys, Zach and Jayden - you guys are awesome.
I am set to get my food safety certification in November, hopefully some bigger things on the horizon for Blind Pig BBQ. Keep an eye on the team site and the blog site for updates!

See ya in 2011.