Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Go Naked BBQ Show(down)

Our first competition of the year was the Go Naked BBQ Show(down) held at Mason Dixon BBQ Services in Greencastle, PA. This was a very unique contest thought up and organized by Tim McMaster of Porter Mac's Rockin' BBQ and Eric Forrester of Mason Dixon BBQ. The competition was different than others because no electric smokers, pellet smokers or electronic controllers of any kind were allowed. Only charcoal and smoking woods were permitted - old school BBQ! There was a limit of 24 teams, but the response showed enough interest to grow this contest in upcoming years.

My teammate, Marie, and I pulled onto the event grounds Friday evening around 6:30pm. We were shown to our site on the dirt gravel lot behind BBQ store. All the rain made it a bit mushy but the organizers did a great job to keep it under control. There was no electric or water hook-ups on site, but wash stations, with hot water, were set-up throughout the grounds.  Since the actual competition began on Saturday morning, we decided to spend the night at the site. Most other competitors escaped to hotel rooms. At 2am I was questioning our decision while I was covering myself in a 3rd blanket. The low hit 31 degrees - it was cold!

After defrosting ourselves we had to defrost the meat that had frozen solid in the cooler overnight along with our beer, I'm sorry to say. This competition had 3 categories: chicken, pork ribs and chicken wings. Noon the chicken wing were due. All teams were given 10lbs. chicken wings to cooked and submit for a peoples choice judging. I chose to prepare mahogany wings, we did not win but I thought they came out pretty tasty.

Here's the recipe:
1/2 cup honey
1/4 cup molasses
2TBS chili sauce
1tsp ginger
2 tsp minced garlic
Wings were smoked at 250 deg for 90 min. then grilled and glazed with sauce to finish.

While preparing the wings I found myself being interviewed for a local news station about competition BBQ.
It must be my sparkling personality and good looks that get me these TV spots... OK, probably freak luck.

- Ckick on image to go to article and video -

The chicken was due at 1:30pm for turn in for blind judging. I tried a new method of cooking them to see how it would turn out. I thought they turned out pretty good but bad timing caused them to dry out. Their last place finish was not a big surprise.

The ribs were due for turn in at 2pm. I started 5 slabs at 8:30am and cooked them the same way I did all last year for competitions. They were a little too big but turned out good. Nice flavor and smoke. They finished 9th place which was a bit disappointing but a nice practice run for the rest of the season.

Over all this was a well organized and fun competition. Hopefully they will find a way to have electric and water hook-ups for the team next year. It was a great way to begin our season and we will definitely be coming back next year. Congrats to new comers Philly Underhogs for taking 1st in ribs and chicken, sweeping the competition.

Next competition Pork in the Park, Salsibury, MD on April 15 - 16.



  1. Great blog, Tom!!! Looking forward to beer slushies in Salisbury in 12 days!!!

  2. Nice seeing you this weekend Tom and best of luck at PITP. We'll be showing those North Carolinians how to do up some 'cue at Lexington NC the following weekend! OK I keed, I keed, NC has some incredible BBQ and I can't wait to get over to Monk's joint (Lexington #1) again.