Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I should rename the team "Last Minute BBQ"

Less than 2 weeks before the first competition, it really sneaks up no me! Still so much to do, things to buy. I 've had a BBQ to do list composed for over a month, now there is less than 2 weeks.

Wood has been ordered from Smokinlicious, hickory and cherry, bulk spices have been purchased from Spices Inc to create my competition dry rubs, which is always an internal battle not to mess with the recipes. Months of anticipation and now it's almost here! Still need to stock up on some necessities like foil wrap and foil pans. I need a new pressure sprayer for the mop sauce and more rubber gloves. We will have new team shirts for this year, though I ordered them too late to be ready for our first competition. Here's what they will look like on back...

I will be posting pictures, results and my personal feelings about every event this year starting with Go Naked BBQ, April 2nd in Greencastle, PA. Check the Philly Blind Pig BBQ website for complete schedule.

Less than 2 weeks... still want to give that smoker one last cleaning before the season starts.


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