Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where's the Beef?

I got your beef right here... beef short ribs, that is. These are not your every day short ribs, the kind you find in the supermarket or in Korean style cooking. These are monster, untrimmed, meaty, beef-porn ribs. Like any cut of beef short rib, they need to be cooked low and slow for a long time to make them melt in your mouth tender. I found these babies in The Restaurant Depot and could not resist trying them. They're not cheep but, as I found, worth every penny!

I rubbed them with my Philly Blind Pig BBQ rib rub, put them on the smoker at 240deg.F and smoked them with hickory wood pellets for 5hrs. They pulled back on the bone and plumped up beautifully.

That's worth one more picture...

I took them off the smoker and let them rest, covered with foil for about an hour. I could not believe how tender they were as I cut them into individual ribs. I'm not even going to recommend what side dishes to have with them because... Who cares!

If you have never had these huge, juicy, OMG are they real, baby-can-I-have-this-dance, beef ribs... I recommend you do!


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  1. The website looks great! Those beef ribs....beautiful smoke rings. Definitely drool-worthy.