Saturday, February 13, 2010

As if the 50+ inches of snow in 2 weeks wasn't enough

Friday evening, a time to relax and unwind from the last couple days of shoveling snow and struggling to get back and forth from work. Then there was that strange tapping coming from the back bed room. The sound was too familiar to ignore... that's right, the damn roof was leaking! Too late to deal with, buckets were placed.

Saturday and I'm on the roof sweeping ankle deep water over the frozen eaves box and into the yard. The solid ice in my down spout wasn't defrosting any time soon so I made a decision to punch a hole in the side of the eaves box to allow the water to flow off the roof. At least the leak in the back room ceased but now there's something else to fix in the spring.

Cold, tired and hungry... food always cheers me up so I decided to make one of my favorite meals, Prime Rib! Easy and satifying. A 2 rib roast in the oven with some foil wrapped potatoes, time to crack a beer and relax. 2 and a half hours and its time to eat.

I paired the meat with some pan seared baked potato slices and few more beers. I almost forgot about how they are calling for 6 to 8 more inches of snow on Monday night... almost.

I hope your weekend was a little more enjoyable.

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